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showaWorksForksOne of the biggest improvements & best investments you can make for your motocross, supercross, areanacross or offroad bike would be the suspension. From the factory whether it be Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM or any other make off road or competition motorcycle the suspension is set up for a wide variety of rider styles & weights.


At Fastlap Suspension we specialize in custom tailoring the bikes handling characteristics to best suit the riders weight, style & skill level, this results in a more harmonious union between the rider and bike which results in faster more consistent lap times.


Our goal at Fastlap Suspension is to take things to the next level with quality components and quality work for all levels of riders. Being racers our selves Fastlap understands that having the best suspension possible improves results. Fastlap offers all the latest hot setups, anything from titanium nitride coatings to billet custom made valves and custom tailored shim stacks.



So if you are serious about competition, if you really want to be a front runner in your sport, whether it be motocross, supercross, areanacross, enduro, GNCC, or just serious off road, give us a call today to put you in control of your future.

About Fastlap Suspension

Fastlap Suspension was started in 2003 by Steve Hollingsworth. Steve has been riding and racing for over 30 years and in that time has ridden and tested for various vendors & companies.

In 2003 Steve invisioned that there was a need for a high quality suspension shop in his local area. He attended a suspension school with a very well renowned suspension shop in September of that year, and since Fastlap Suspension has steadily grown into a well recognized member of the local and regional motocross community.